Fading Into Darkness, Drowning In Myself

by Recluse

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released May 19, 2014

Recorded by Elmo Arteaga in Escondido, CA 5/13-5/16.
Album artwork by Michael Donehue.
Additional vocals and lyrics on "Psychosis" by Michael Donehue.

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Southern California

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Track Name: Drone
No eyes to open, I've said my goodbyes. No words left unspoken, no ends left untied. This feeling of anxiety chills me to the bone. Wasted days grow cold, and come as fast as they go. As I pace the room alone, the smell of lingering death tears at me from the inside out. While the flesh begins to rot, the faceless drones scavenge the bones. Fodder for the herd. Erased from the earth. As I pace the room alone, over and over again, eyes rolled back into my head. I'm fading into darkness, drowning in myself. Sleepless nights, blackened eyes. Breathing, but never alive. Crooked smile, broken teeth, life lost for eternity.
Empty vessel, nothing, no one.
Broken promise to the forgotten son.
Track Name: Psychosis
I can't tell the difference between night and day. I try to stay but nothing feels, nothing feels the same. Choking on the ghost of someone who is no longer there
Everything has lost it's color.
Nothing has a shape.
Gnaw at my wrist to keep myself awake. Colder than I've ever been.
No one in my corner, head in my hands. Cursed to live in this skin.
My empty chasm, this hollow body,
fading desire to breath.
Living for no one not even myself.
Death, take my empty hand.
Fuck my head, take what you need.
I could never let myself believe a single thing. Erase me.
Track Name: Inadequate
Time slips through my fingertips. I don't know where to turn. Walls are closing in on me and I can't seem to catch my breath. Waiting to die, only wasting space, nothing to live for, just a nameless face. Choking, sinking, fading, falling into a state of unconsciousness I can't escape. Vivid dreams of suicide, Sick to my stomach, full of regret. Nothing is ever what we expect. Nothing is perfect and not everything is bright. Rain is pouring down on me, I'm walking towards the light.